Children's Mental Health Ontario's

 Youth Action Committee presents:

the SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT! project

May 2014

As a followup to the paper Building a Better School Environment for Youth with Mental Health and Addiction Issues, the YAC decided to take our recommendations and turn them each into 'How-to' videos. These will give youth, school staff, and other supports a guide on how to implement the recommendations and how to overcome barriers that they may face.

Visit our Youtube Channel to see our most recent How-to video detailing recommendation 3.1 Safe Spaces in Schools.

November 2013 

We have officially released a policy paper entitled: 

"Building a Better School Environment for Youth with Mental Health and Addictions Issues".

 This is the paper that we could not have published without your help. Thank you.

Click here to view the paper.

Click here to view the press release.

The YAC wants to find out how youth think schools can create a more supportive environment for students experiencing mental health and addictions issues. 

We want youth to have a voice! 

We want those who struggle, province-wide, to have a chance at being heard; 

to feel that their opinion matters, that what they went through matters,

 because the idea that the suffering they have faced might actually make a difference somewhere, 

might actually mean something… 

that can make all the difference in a life that is haunted… 

the difference between merely surviving and truly thriving

Thank you again for your involvement and support!

For any questions, please contact [email protected]